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Your Report

Typically there are 20-30 pages of specific content on your home. You will receive a complete written report that explains everything the inspector finds in a way that is easy to understand and read. We try at all times to provide you with needed follow-up steps and methods for upgrade or improvement. Along with your report, we will talk with you on-site and show you many of the findings from the day. If there is anything specific you want to address, bring it up.




We are here for your benefit and enjoy sharing our knowledge with you.

Will We Discuss Findings?

Yes, definitely! In fact, that's why we strongly encourage you to attend the inspection (even if for the last hour). Imagine, for example, reading a book about the Amazon it would be very different than actually going there on a guided tour. We want to bring you through your home and give you the guided tour it's simple and fun to learn.

What if There is Something I Don't Understand?

Go ahead and ask. Questions and answers are part of your inspection, and we welcome them. You can call before, during, or after the inspection for any reasonable question.

Can the House "Fail"?

We will not pass or fail your home. Instead, we give you valuable facts that will help you come to your own decision. If your home has some typical wear and tear, then your feelings might be different than if, for example, there is some major foundational repair needed. The final assessment of the home is up to you, and it should be much easier based on the detailed and easy-to-understand information we will give you. You will be able to make an educated decision on the purchase of your home.

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